DFS Value Play MVPs of the 2022-23 NFL Season

Today we’re looking back on the 103rd season of the National Football League, highlighting some of the greatest DFS scoring performances relative to player salaries.

We’ll review all four offensive skill positions to find the year’s most impressive performances, as measure by the [Value] field. Value is basically DraftKings fantasy points divided by the player’s DraftKings salary. Aiding in this endeavor is DFS Hub’s WhichStatMatters page, which ranks DFS performances in infinitely different ways.

We start with the men behind center…


For the 2022-23 season, starting quarterbacks had an average of 17.2 fantasy points per game and an average DraftKings salary of $6k ($6,000).

Do a little division (17.2 / 6) and, on average, a starting quarterback provided 2.8 times their salary. Here were some standouts…

Justin Fields in Week 9 – The quarterback of the Chicago Bears dropped 45.7 FPs on the Miami Dolphins with a salary of just $5,300. Thanks in large part to a regular season record 176 rushing yards, Fields’ performance was good enough to provide DFS players with a massive fantasy payday. All told, he scored a stunning 8.6 times his salary.

Tua Tagovailoa in Week 2 – In what was a massive statement victory for Tua and the Miami Dolphins, the quarterback tallied 43.9 FPs against the Baltimore Ravens, with a salary of $5,600. Scoring six touchdowns on the day helped Tua hit 7.8 times his salary. His 469 passing yards on the day were the second most for a player in the 2022 season.

Taysom Hill in Week 5 – Once a secret weapon for the Saints, Hill continued to grow his legacy in New Orleans. The tight end/quarterback hybrid scored 37.1 FPs against the Seattle Seahawks, thanks mostly to his 122 rushing yards and four touchdowns. With a salary of $4,900, Hill smashed 7.6 times his salary while running for over 12 yards per carry.

Running Backs

For the season, starting running backs (those first on Depth Chart) had an average of 14.5 fantasy points per game and an average DraftKings salary of $6,500. On average, that meant a starting running back yielded 2.2 times their salary this season.

Joe Mixon in Week 9 – Nobody had a better DFS performance than Joe Mixon this season, whose 58.1 FPs on a salary of $6,500 were good for 8.9 times the running back’s salary. With over 200 all purpose yards and five touchdowns against the Carolina Panthers, Mixon led both the Bengals and thousands of DFS players to victory.

Cam Akers in Week 16 – After providing one of the least valuable outings of the season for any player in Week 1, Akers turned things around in Week 16 with 37.7 FPs on a salary of $5,200. While this wasn’t among the top five fantasy performances for a running back this season in terms of FPs, it was the second best in terms of value—with Akers generating 7.3 times his salary.

Jose Jacobs in Week 4 – While his 37.5 FPs were not even his most points scored this season, this performance against the Broncos was actually more valuable than his two other games with more FPs. Due to a salary of just $5,500, Jacobs was able to score 6.8 times his salary and give those who drafted him a massive edge.

Wide Receivers

For the season, starting wide receivers (those first and second on the depth chart) had an average of 12.2 fantasy points per game at an average DraftKings salary of $5,700. This means that, on average, a starting wide receiver returned 2.1 times their salary.

Mack Hollins in Week 3 – With a salary of only $3,300, you can understand why Hollins and his 33 FPs provided DFS players with one of the most valuable performances of the season. Thanks to 158 yards and a touchdown, Hollins ended his day scoring 10.0 times his salary. Too bad it was in a losing effort for his Raiders.

Christian Watson in Week 10 – An up and down season for Watson and the Packers peaked against Dallas as the wide receiver scored 35.7 FPs to go alongside a salary of $3,700. Despite only four receptions, the rookie had 107 yards and three touchdowns while scoring 9.6 times his salary.

Mike Evans in Week 17 – While Hollins and Watson came as more of a surprise due to their lower salaries, it’s never a shock to see Evans providing DFS value. With 207 yards through the air and three touchdowns, Evans helped Tom Brady fill out his record book one more time as the receiver scored a massive 51.7 FPs with a salary of $6,500. This was the definitive wide receiver performance this season as Evans scored 8.0 times his salary.

Tight Ends

This year starting tight ends had an average of 8.5 fantasy points per game and an average DraftKings salary of $3,900. On average, a starting tight end provided 2.1 times their salary.

Evan Engram in Week 14 – Thanks to Engram scoring a colossal 12.8 times his salary in this contest, the Jaguars tight end had the most valuable DFS performance of the season for any offensive player. With 42.2 FPs on a meager $3,300 salary, that’s enough to earn Engram the title of DFS MVP for 2022-23. This game was a career day for Engram, who had a season high 11 receptions, 162 yards and two touchdowns.

T.J. Hockenson in Week 4 – From Detroit to Minnesota, the well traveled tight end had a handful of incredibly valuable DFS outings. None greater however came than in Week 4, when Hockenson provided a performance that saw 42.9 FPs on a salary of $4,100, scoring 10.5 times his salary. With 179 yards and a couple of touchdowns, it was the strongest game for a tight end this season.

Mo Allie-Cox in Week 4 – Between Allie-Cox and Hockenson, Week 4 was the week of the tight end. Allie-Cox had a paltry salary of $2,700 and, for one week at least, proved evaluators wrong by scoring 26.5 FPs. His two touchdowns on the day were more than Allie-Cox had the rest of the season combined, and as a result of finding the end zone twice he scored 9.8 times his salary.

The 2022-23 NFL season featured a multitude of major DFS performances across all positions. Quarterbacks provided the highest amount of value in regards to their salary, with the average QB providing 2.8 times their salary. Meanwhile, several tight ends individually provided the greatest value in single game efforts. Using our WhichStatMatters page in next year’s NFL season could help you discover these trends, and the data that predict them…. potentially increasing your winning percentage.

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