A DFS Hub field that equals a player’s salary divided by $1,000.

$4.8 [Sal($k)] equals $4,800, for example.

It’s a short form of salary to make comparing salaries easier.


50/50s are DFS contests where entrants win if they beat at least 50% of competitors. Winners receive $1.80 back for every $1.00 bet.

With a 10% rake, 50/50 players must win 55.6+% of the time to grow their bankroll.

Cash Game

A cash game refers to a DFS contest in which roughly half the field wins a prize. The last place winner wins the same prize as the first place winner.

While the prize payouts aren’t as sexy as tournament contests (GPPs), the probability of placing in the money is usually higher.

Cash games include:

  • head to heads
  • 50/50s
  • double ups

Consistent winning in cash game requires choosing consistent players — i.e., players with high floors.


A player’s maximum fantasy points over the last 3 games where he was active.


A DFS contest where entrants must beat around 55-56% of competitors to win.

Winners double their money.


DvP stands for “Defense versus position.”

DvP tells you how well a defense ranks in terms of defending a given position.


Defense Versus Position (Last 4 Games)

This is the median number of fantasy points the opponent has allowed to players of the same position.

The calculation is based on the opponent’s last 4 games.


Fantasy points

Game Flow

Game flow refers to how a game is expected to unfold.

If a team gains a big lead, for example, the flow of the game will generally see more rushing and less passing, and vice versa.

Understanding potential game flow is essential if you want to draft the best value players. And it’s actually not rocket science. Score and margin of victory are the main drivers of game flow. If you look at the over-under and point spread, it usually gives you a pretty good understanding of how a game is likely to play out.

From a DFS standpoint, the most productive games are usually those with high totals and tight point spreads. Top players in those games tend to rack up more fantasy points on average.


GPP stands for guaranteed prize pool. It is a daily fantasy sports contest where the prize money is guaranteed, regardless of how many players participate. The prize payouts are generally skewed heavily to a small number of winners who win a large share of the pot. GPPs are often referred to as “tournaments.”