How to Use the NFL DFS Lineup Builder


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Watch This First

Here’s a quick 4-minute rundown of the NFL DFS Lineup Builder.

For suggestions on which fields to use when building lineups, check out this helpful video from Fantasy Football Consultants: NFL DFS Key Metrics.

Here is FFC’s full list of preferred DFS fields.

General Advice

Below are 10 essential pointers to get you up to speed.

1. Quick Reset

This is a key tip to remember. If ever you don’t see the players you expect in the Player List, it’s usually because filters have been applied or you are looking at the wrong slate.

To fix this, click <Clear Filters> and <Show All>

Then check the date and slate to ensure the player is playing on the date and time you’ve selected.

2. Sorting

To sort a column in the Player List, simply click or double-click on a column header.

To sort by multiple columns simultaneously, press <Shift> on subsequent column headers.

3. Filtering

Click the funnel icon to quickly limit what you see in a column.

4. Use the dictionary

If you can’t figure out what a field (column) means, you’ll find its definition in our NFL field dictionary

5. Double-click the teams for the Matchups window

For a fast matchup analysis, complete with starters and team news, click one of the teams in the Player Profile.

6. Double-click a row for a Player Profile

For a quick player overview, double-click on any row in the Player List (bottom table).

7. Use the RotoWire Profile

For more detailed player performance history, including stats from all his past games, click his picture in the Player Details section.

This will take you to his Player Profile at RotoWire.

8. Quick Optimizer

Click the <Optimize> button to quickly fill in lineups. You must first select at least one player.

NFL DFS Optimizer

Note: The optimizer algorithm selects players based on how you’ve sorted and filtered your Player List (i.e., the player pool in the lower table). It starts by selecting all the highest-priced players. If this takes you over the salary cap, it then recursively replaces players with less expensive alternatives based on how you’ve sorted your player pool. It does this until you are at or under the salary cap. The end result gives you the best players available, based on your sorting and filtering methodology.

For more info on optimization, see the help page for our free NFL DFS Optimizer.

9. Private challenges

Play against your friends for free with our NFL DFS private challenges.

10. Free contest

Click the <Free Contest> button to enter your DraftKings Main Slate lineup in DFS Hub’s weekly Free NFL DFS contest for $175 of free cash prizes. No obligation required. (See the contest page for terms and conditions.)

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