NFL Schedule 2022 – DFS Games to Watch

Here’s the NFL’s 2022 schedule, all 272 glorious games.

For a full-screen view click here: 2022 NFL Schedule.

How this NFL schedule works

Focus on the matchups in orange. They’re the headliners of each week, either for drama reasons (e.g., Russell Wilson’s Seattle return in week 1), or because of interesting matchups (e.g., a rookie QB vs. a rookie QB) or because they’ll likely be shootouts (e.g., Buffalo at K.C.).

Some of the “must watch games” may not be of national interest but they could potentially be a team’s game of the year—for any number of reasons.

More highlights from this year’s schedule:

  • Week 3: Packers at Buccaneers – Golfing buddies Brady and Rodgers face off for possibly the last time.
  • Week 4: Chiefs at Buccaneers – Mahomes vs. the GOAT in a Super Bowl LV vengeance match
  • Week 12: Rams at Chiefs – Last time they met (on MNF in 2018) was the third highest scoring game ever
  • Week 17: Rams at Chargers – Or is it the other way around? Who will have the home-team advantage with both teams at “home?”

Schedule Tip

To quickly find games that project to have the highest scoring each week:

1. go to our NFL lineup builder

2. choose the slate with the most games that week

(It’s usually the “Thu-Mon” slate during the regular season.)

3. sort by highest [OverUnder] value.

(If you don’t see the [OverUnder] column, simply click the <Columns> button on the Lineup Builder to add it.)

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