Win Prizes Without a Bank Heist: DFS Hub’s Free NFL DFS Contest is Here!

DFS Hub is pleased, but not overly excited (we’re keeping it cool), to unveil its brand new Free NFL DFS Contest.

Compete each week to receive a free DFS Hub Season Pass to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

Not only are you not breaking the bank to enter this contest, you’re not even going to the bank. It’s 100% free with no strings attached!

Joining is as easy as winning a coin toss:

  1. Create a Sunday “Main” slate lineup using the NFL DFS Lineup Builder
  2. Click the <Free Contest> button

    (Here’s a screenshot for the visually inclined.)

The first contest kicks off in week 1, but feel free to be the early bird that gets the cash … by entering today.

Monitor your can’t-miss lineup here: NFL DFS Contest Standings

Why Bother with a Free NFL DFS Contest?

A trilogy of reasons:

  1. To win a DFS Hub Season Pass
    • Thousands trust DFS Hub to create their DraftKings lineups. With DFS Hub’s Season Pass, you can enhance your odds of victory and get an edge on your opponents with a deep list of stats.
  2. To hone your skills
    • If you’re new to NFL DFS, testing lineup theories in a free tournament is risk-free – like riding a bike with training wheels, but far more dignified. Once you succeed and build confidence with DFS Hub’s contest, you can take it to the next level in DraftKings’ big paid tournaments—like its Millionaire Maker.
  3. Bragging rights
    • Winning against friends is the social equivalent of a touchdown dance. Invite all your friends so you can show them who the real captain is!

As a 100% free contest, we’re not aiming to outshine DraftKings, the true king. It offers way more contests with far bigger payouts. We’re more of a warm-up band to their rock star – helping you perfect your moves so you can rock the big stage.

Why is DFS Hub giving away their Season Pass?

Instead of flashy ads, we like to invest in our users. That way, our community gets better, can enter more DraftKings tournaments—with more confidence—and take down even bigger prizes.

Plus, we’re humbly hoping you’ll tell your friends about our noble endeavor.

And one last tidbit: DFS Hub offers a slew of stats, strategies, and tools to boost your weekly odds of victory. So, before embarking on your lineup-building mission, check out these NFL DFS Tips. They’re like having a secret playbook without the secret part.

Whether you’re a fantasy football savant or still figuring out what “DFS” stands for, leverage the Free NFL DFS Contest and move from first string to MVP.