Average depth of target.

aDOT, as it’s often called, equals Air Yards divided by a receiver’s number of targets.

Average depth of target measures how deep a receiver runs his routes, and it’s more predictive than yards per reception.

aDOT varies by role. Receivers who spend more than 40% of their time in the slot, for example, usually have below-average aDOT stats.

The NFL average is about 11 for receivers and 7.5 for tight ends.

High aDOT receivers tend to be big play threats and can have high ceilings. But the best wide receivers don’t have to be above-average in aDOT. Superstar Devante Adams had an average target depth of just 9.4 in 2020. But he also had a notably better catch rate, target count, yards-after-catch average and separation from defenders, versus a typical receiver.

The value shown is for the entire season to date.

Source: Pro Football Focus